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Restoring Vital Life Force
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We find causes that others do not even consider and provide drugless solutions to complex conditions. We release pain and reverse the progression of disease.  Even though these statements are true and accurate you may notice a response or some resistance to them. This is because we told you these things before you determined that you needed our help. Only you and your body can determine your needs. Our job is to facilitate that discovery. For example, what is the undesired health condition that currently concerns you the most? What is preventing your health?  What is missing? Welcome to our site.

What is your desired future state of health? How would it feel to be vital and pain free? We all have the potential for health and happiness. Some patients heal auto immune diseases, CFS, lupus, MS, neuropathy and IBS. Others get their life back from asthma, Lyme, fibromyalgia, arthritis and shingles. Patients reverse the progression of age related conditions like cholesterol, macular degeneration and hormonal imbalance. Many are now free from the anguish of allergies, ADHD, anxiety, STD and stress. Almost everyone reduced their medication and released their pain.

How are you going to get from your undesired current state of health to your desired future state of health? In our worldwide online virtual clinic or local clinic we provide screening for allergies, toxins, pathogens, emotional stressors, hormonal and nutritional deficiencies. With this evaluation your body identifies what it has but does not need and what it needs but does not have. Your body tells us what it needs to move from the undesired to your desired future state of health. Personalized protocols using alternative medicine and natural therapy get bad things out and put good things in. With a restored vital life force you create health and happiness. How do you want to proceed?

Be well, be happy
Teresa & Charles Baltzell LAc